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BriteSmile Scientists

Thanks to the efforts of our chief scientists, both experts in their fields, BriteSmile has developed a revolutionary whitening experience that is truly state of the art.

Dr. John Warner

Dr. John Warner, a former NASA scientist and a member of the Hubble Space Telescope development program was one of the key scientists supervising the BriteSmile project. Dr. Warner was also a pioneer in the development of ophthalmic applications of laser technology (Lasik). An experienced research and technology consultant, as well as a successful entrepreneur, Dr. Warner leads BriteSmile's development of light-activated tooth whitening treatments.

Dr. Warner and his team have combined blue-spectrum light technology with a new, wavelength-specific bleaching chemistry to create a revolutionary method of teeth whitening. The speedy procedure works on all teeth at once, whitening teeth of almost any shade back to their natural whiteness - in just one hour.

R. Eric Montgomery

Mr. Montgomery is an experienced researcher in the oral care and cosmetic products industries, and has been granted over 65 US and foreign patents since 1981. Previously, from November 1997 until May 1998, he served as an independent consultant to the Company through Applied Dental Sciences, Inc. (Monterey, MA), the oral care products research and development firm of which he has been President since 1992. Mr. Montgomery is also the Founding Manager and President of OraCeutical LLC (Lee, MA), an organization dedicated to the development of next generation products for use in the professional dental office. Oraceutical is currently under contract with BriteSmile to provide technology development services.

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