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Alan Thicke  |  Actor
So it's a no brainer. We all want healthy-looking white teeth. And now there's no reason not to. With a single BriteSmile treatment, your teeth can go from discolored to dazzling in just an hour. It's safe, affordable, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. So don't spend another day wondering about it when you can have your whitest teeth again, by tonight.


Angie Everhart  |  Actress
I definitely want to have my teeth looking the best that they can. Until I saw this process and before I went in there, I did not believe that it would, in one hour, change my teeth that drastically. You can spend twenty years making your teeth yellow and over one hour making them brand new again. It's not like a process that takes thirteen times to do, its one time, one hour and you are done, you walk out with a BriteSmile.



Vecepia Towery  |  Survivor Marquesas Winner
Wow! I look and feel fantastic! Thank you BriteSmile. Having this done in your BriteSmile Whitening Spa was a treat--what a great vibe in there. In just about one hour my teeth are looking fresh and really healthy, just like a new smile! It was completley safe and relaxing. I sat back and watched TV throughout the whole treatment. This was just a great experience that others should really try.

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